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Our essence: Italian style and “turnkey service”

For almost 60 years we have been leaders in the world of accessories for casual and fashion clothing, with passion and uniqueness. We offer a vast range of buttons, rivets, buckles and badges with authentic Italian style that can satisfy any requirements, offering competitive solutions of products, pricing and international service. Our products are founded on experience and innovation, tradition and close attention to new trends…



By nature, close to Nature

The optimization of the consumption of energy, resources and the recycling of waste were the first steps taken on the road…


In the world

Our presence all over the world

Our commercial network has been created to meet the requirements of our clients all over the world…


Customer Service

Passion, commitment and accurate service

The satisfaction of our clients is ensured by a fully integrated support system: from design to feasibility studies…



Never stop exploring

To us, Research and Development means analyzing new trends, studying and realizing new production processes, experimenting new materials and finishes,  developing new technologies. Metalbottoni possesses cutting edge technology and is able to satisfy the most complex request. The requests of our customers become a motivation to experiment new ideas and proposals, which are then translated into exclusive custom-made solutions…