In the world

Think Global: a naturally international vocation

The growing export relevance and the talent to punctually serve foreign clients have brought Metalbottoni to being present on the broadest international scenario as a major leading player.



  • 2012, opening of Metalbottoni’s Asian branch in Dongguan City, China.

  • 2013, opening of Metalbottoni’s second foreign branch in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our projects are integrated by the Head Office planning and professionalism, according to the brand vision that points to Italian style as a unique, valuable element.


Key points in our international mission:

  • To serve the global brands with the best efficiency while maintaining the value of creativity and the final results of finishing Made in Italy.
  • Being close to partners for brands with extra-EU productions.
  • To support local brands with the same efficiency, customer care and precision of parent company service.