No impact

Eco-technology innovation leads Metalbottoni’s path

Sustainability, eco-innovation and low environmental impact processing (are) applied to the whole collection’s range.


No Impact has multiple meanings:  

  • Environmental responsability.
  • Susainability of materials and manufacturing.
  • Reduced consumption.
  • Streamlining of processes.

What “No Impact” means


“No impact” is the extraordinary sustainable technology developed by Metalbottoni, which is applied to processing methodologies in order to streamline consumptions, materials and processing cycles and to reduce the environmental impact.


A real driver project that includes specifically designed actions to achieve sustainable productions without affecting quality and elegance.


It all started in 2011, when the “No Impact” protocol was developed, an extraordinary sustainable technology that allows for 100% eco-friendly processing methods, a technology that is applied to all of our collections nowadays.



  • No synthetic chemicals.

  • Exclusive use of water-based paints for finishing.

  • Rational use of water and energy.

  • Processing cycles with a low environmental impact.

  • Use of photovoltaic energy.

  • Reduced CO2 emission.

Metalbottoni: all-round “green” values


The “No Impact” green path is applied to the whole Metalbottoni world and becomes a project that drives our activity, generating virtuous processes that involve all the production chain.


  • 65% of Metalbottoni headquarters is intended for cultivation and green areas.
  • 45% of the company energy requirements is provided by solar panel.
  • We favour the use of natural materials and processing.
  • We expect our suppliers to be certified and choose “green” best practices.