Gummix - Buttons

Gummix is, first of all, a production process patented by Metalbottoni wich allows for a unique range of accessories and textile materials thanks to a special silicone or rubber melting process with other elements such as fabric or metal. It is 100% Made in Italy and it paves the ways for an endless variety of interpretations and customizations, with always innovative buttons, tags and accessorizes. Extraordinary ductility for stylish solutions, finishing and unique looks dedicated to buckles, tags, bags, shoes and inserts together with a restyling of special effects in textiles. The melting process, with its endless application possibilities, opens doors to stylists’ and creative designers’ inspiration and experimentation. GUMMIX® is a Metalbottoni exclusive project, developed and tested in Chiuduno (BG), the Italian headquarters, conforming to the highest quality standard in order to guarantee a 100% Made in Italy process and product.