Gravita, aesthetics and functionality

Every single collection of Metalbottoni is carried out in close collaboration with the technical department and Gravita is no exception.  Thanks to a great work of research and technical development, by mixing aesthetics with functionality, we have given new life to the snap button. 

The development of Gravita is rooted in criteria like customization of the product,  attention to details and high-quality standards. Our technical department has valorised different renderings capable of illustrating the technical features and the stylistic potential of every single product. 

The workshop and the 3D printer are a great help to our technical department, who are able to produce prototypes, both in metal or resin, in a short time. These prototypes, useful for aesthetic and functional evaluations, are included in the service that we offer to the customers in the process of design and development of new items, according to their needs. 

Our engineer team assist closely customers in every step during their production processes. We offer our support during application phase providing technical trims sheets, realizing application tutorial and even offering physical support at customer’s company site.

Furthermore, Metalbottoni’s technical department provide consultancies services for the purchasing of machineries, die-sets and other technical equipments.

We strongly believe that our high performance accessories and technical services we provide are an added value to customer’s finished garments.


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