A unique customer care: personalized and structure for every needs

For 60 years we have been interpreting the style of accessories and finishes from fashion to denim, from casual to luxury, we provide our clients a unique customer care: personalized and structured for every needs.

Thanks to our long-standing presence we have a historical archive with a vast selection of the most representative pieces of our reality for iconicity, style and finesse of workmanship.

Our customers’ style offices can access the research service: consult our archive and get an overview of the richness of our collection by themes or finishes.

quality rates

Quality is one of our founding values, season after season we try to improve our performances.

In the last 3 years we have quantified the improvements made to our yields: we improved the non-compliance rates (5.83%) and reduced the complaints rate (0.51%) and practically halved the rate of defective parts (from 4, 3% in 2018 to 1.86% in 2020)


We also have a very flexible production. Prototyping is one of the development phases we love most, because it is an opportunity to experience the know-how acquired to design, engineer and model 3D prototypes. We quickly create high quality metal or resin prototypes that allow you to touch the finesse of our creations.

Our services and our business choices allow us to be strategic partners for the development of customized and quality products.


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