Continuous research for a thousand interpretations

Research, manufacturing and production _ 100% Made in Italy

The R&D department has played a pivotal role in our value chain for a long time.
Keeping high standards and overcoming new challenges represent innovation processes that aim to propose alternative interpretations and original accessories.

Here are some examples that demonstrate our company’s technological excellence.

It’s ideal for sportswear. Thanks to its capped and slightly flared spring and male, it reaches extraordinary resistance levels.

Easy in
It is the perfect button for technical apparel. Thanks to the male with a raised edge which guides and facilitates access by the spring.

An innovative hinged spring, which always remains firmly in position. The button easily fits the slot and slips back automatically,without wobbling.

No sound
A special spring, developed and designed to make sure that the ring inside doesn’t move, any sound eliminated.

Square it
It is the thin and surprisingly resistant rivet (made with a polyester insert) which reduces to a minimum the risk of breaking while it is being fitted.

Has been carefully designed to perfectly adhere to any type of fabric, including leather, adapting in a surprising way to the shapes of each garment.


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