Vànita: the new collection dedicated to leatherwear

Vànita is the new Metalbottoni proposal providing an all-round perspective on the world of accessories dedicated to leatherwear and not only. A valuable collection, born to inspire unheard-of visions of luxury and explore new pathways for accessories. The many materials in this line come to life through colour-changing and refined reflexes, in a unique, valuable and high-performance range. Vànita is able to characterize the world of accessories with personality and taste, also suggesting stylish variations for the sportswear world, in a true kaleidoscope of elements.

Vànita is a wide-ranging collection, which includes a selection of accessories for leatherwear and small leatherwear, as well as footwear, bags and sportswear accessories. A comprehensive range which develops two integrated interpretation pathways, each of them geared towards exploring a specific concept; on the one hand the world of luxury accessories, on the other the sportswear universe. Two proposals which allow for endless interpretations and customizing, dedicated not only to leather but also to technical materials such as nylon. Vànita thus provides an unprecedented range of solutions, complemented to perfection by the constant product innovation and creative research, which is a unique offer within the Metalbottoni world.

The line dedicated to luxury accessories such as footwear, bags and small leatherwear, includes some metal items with coatings which embellish the collection, through elements in a variety of shapes (square, multi-faceted or rounded), with a wide range of fasteners, hooks, rings, studs and handles for bags, styled in surprising ways.

The line designed for the sportswear world includes items such as fasteners for rucksacks, snap hooks, hooks and nylon eyelets, enhanced by rubber finishing, metal effects and innovative 3D processing, with a range which also includes the possibility of combining the two materials.



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